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HandyPhone is an android application that makes your smartphone a more convenient and user friendly, not only to you but also to others.
You can download and install HandyPhone from the Google Play™.


Frequently Asked Questions

The escalating ring function does not work. I have an MIUI ROM.

By default MIUI does not allow apllications to control volume. It is needed to grant such permission to HandyPhone. To do that run the Superuser application, locate HandyPhone in the Apps list and click on it. Allow the "Monitor calls" permission for HandyPhone.

What is Forced mode option of the Ascending ring function and how it works?

HandyPhone tries to not interfere with other applications that control the ringer. If HandyPhone notices another application changes the ring level while phone is ringing, HandyPhone stops to escalate ring volume. It is default behaviour.

Forced mode option turns off such a "compliance". When Forced mode is on HandyPhone ascends ringer volume despite of intervention of other applications. At the same time HandyPhone prevents other applications to change ringer volume. Though there is a negative effect of the Forced mode. Functions of your phone such as «Increase ring in pocket», «Quiet ring on pickup» or similar will not work. It is because they all change ring level but HandyPhone does not allow them.

Most of the Samsung phones requires Forced mode option is on. Samsung phones ring in two steps. First the ring level is low. Then after two seconds ringer volume jumps to normal level. Such a behaviour interferes with HandyPhone and requires to turn Forced mode on.

What is High priority mode and how to use it?

HandyPhone works as Android service so it competes with other services running in your phone. If many services are running or there are "heavy" services HandyPhone might receive event notifications from the Android system too late. This especially concerns an Ascending ring function. If the function starts with a delay you can hear your ring melody jumps at the beginning.

Enabling High priority mode guarantees HandyPhone always gets system events notifications as early as possible. Unfortunately Android requires that application running with high (foreground) priority has an notification icon in the status bar. So when High priority mode is on HandyPhone puts his icon in the status bar.