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HandyPhone is an android application that makes your smartphone a more convenient and user friendly, not only to you but also to others.
You can download and install HandyPhone from the Google Play™.

HandyPhone Features

HandyPhone provides your smartphone those missing features that are available in other mobile phones. There are applications that implement these functions separately. But HandyPhone gathered them all in one application. HandyPhone makes your smartphone a more convenient and user-friendly, not only to you but also to others.

Basic HandyPhone functions

Ascending Ring. Android devices do not have such a mode in which the ringing volume gradually increases from quiet to loud. HandyPhone corrects this deficiency. With the help of the Ascending ring function you can set a minimum and maximum levels, the rate of the ring volume increase, turn the vibration before ringing.

Power Events. Some devices do not react when connecting or disconnecting the power supply. With HandyPhone you can set an audible notification when connecting or disconnecting power supply, and when the battery is fully charged.

Lock Volume. This feature prevents you from accidentally changing the ringing volume. Very often the ring volume settings are changed because of the side volume keys (rocker) are accidentally pressed. HandyPhone monitors changes of the volume settings, notifies about it and restores the previous level if the volume level change was not confirmed by the user.

Missed Events Notification. If you have missed a call or SMS/MMS, HandyPhone remind you of this. You can set the interval between reminders and duration since the last event. In addition reminders of missed calendar notifications is available for devices with Android 4.0 and above.

How it works

Ascending Ring

When there is an incoming call the ringing tone is gradually increasing. In the settings you specify level from which ring volume should begin and the maximum volume level at which to stop. There is a mode in which the phone first vibrates for a few seconds and then starts ringing. The ringing volume increase rate is governed by five values from the "Very slow" to "Very fast."
Changing the volume manually while ringing (for example switching off sound) causes HandyPhone to stop the ascending ring. The application also works well in conjunction with built-in automatic volume control functions such as the «Pocket Mode» and «Quiet ring on pickup» in HTC devices.

Power Events

When connecting or disconnecting the power supply and when the battery is fully charged HandyPhone notifies you with sound and turns on the screen. In the settings you can also specify the notification volume and melody.

Lock Volume

If you enable this feature HandyPhone will continuously monitor the ringer volume level. In case of volume change the alert will appear in the system status bar. Open the notification and click it to confirm the volume change. The ringing volume will be automatically restored to its original value if new level will not confirmed within 15 seconds.

Missed Events Notification

The application can remind you of missed calls, unread SMS and MMS, unwatched calendar alarms, with sound, vibration, turning on the screen and message in the status bar. Unfortunately the calendar event reminder works only in Android 4.0 and above. However all other features operates in any versions of Android.
Interval and duration of reminders, as well as the method of notification can be specified in the settings. HandyPhone will issue a notifications at regular intervals within a specified time (duration). Alerts will terminate automatically when the notice subject disappears (for example, no more incoming calls). Also notifications can be stopped by an icon in the status bar.
Calendar event reminders will work only if alert is set for the event in the Calendar application. Note that the alerts generated by the Tasks application is not related to the calendar events and therefore HandyPhone will not remind about Tasks.

Debug Log

There is debug mode in the application. In this mode, the application will write debug information to log file on the external memory card. Confidential information (such as phone numbers or SMS content) is not logged. You can copy the log file from the device to a computer via USB and send it to the developers. In some cases this can help to solve problems with the application. Turn on debug mode only when developers request it. Do not enable debug mode for a long time because the log file can grow largely and occupy space on the memory card.

Required permissions

The application required following permissions.
READ_CALENDAR: To read calendar events.
READ_CONTACTS: To read missed call log in Android prior to 4.1.
READ_CALL_LOG: To read missed call log in Android from 4.1 upward.
READ_SMS: To get information about unread SMS and MMS.
READ_PHONE_STATE: To get information about incoming call start and finish.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To provide automatic application start on device reboot.
VIBRATE: To control vibration.
WAKE_LOCK: To turn on device screen.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To write debug log to the external memory card.