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HandyPhone is an android application that makes your smartphone a more convenient and user friendly, not only to you but also to others.
You can download and install HandyPhone from the Google Play™.

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  1. HandyPhone seems like a very good app. Thank you. I am using it on a Sprint Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710). Currently it is not rooted and is running Android 4.1.1. I have noticed 2 minor problems; First, when HandyPhone is set to "Vibrate" (First vibrate then ascend ring volume)under Ascending ring options, my ringer never rings. Second, the ascending ring, regardless of settings (speed or level) does not change. Although the ring does begin softly when set to a low level, in under 3 seconds it ramps up to maximum ring volume. Still an improvement over the stock ringer.
    Force mode and/or high priority do not have any effect.
    Thanks for continuing to improve on the app.

    1. Hello, Brad. Thank you for your feedback. May I ask you to send me a debug log?
      To switch the debug mode on choose About HandyPhone item from application menu and tap on Debug Mode button.
      Reproduce both issues.
      Then connect the device to a computer via USB in disk drive mode. Look for a file /Android/data/ua.sydorov.handyphone/files/HandyPhone.log on the device and send it to handysware@gmail.com.
      Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, I just installed handyphone and noticed that the calender reminder option is disabled. I have a sony xperia active, updated to android 4, so the option should e enabled, I guess(?)

    This one option would make this very nice app really complete for me :).


    1. Hello,
      It looks unusual. HandyPhone asks the system for the version number in a standard documented way. It seems something wrong in your firmware if your phone reports version number lower than of Android 4 (API level 14). Did you install custom or official update to Android 4?

  3. I just installed HandyPhone on my Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II and have noticed two problems. FYI, the phone is running Android 4.1.2, has only a few active apps, and HandyPhone is running in Forced Mode and with High Priority.

    First problem: the Volume Locker doesn't notify or require verification if the volume is changed from Vibrate to Off (or from Low to Vibrate, either). This is important because when I slide my phone back into its holster, the most common accidental bump is turning the volume down a step. I was hoping that HandyPhone would prevent this from happening, but it doesn't.

    Sometimes it also doesn't notify that the ringer volume has changed between other levels, but that is intermittent.

    The second problem is that the "Vibrate first then ring" function doesn't seem to work. If I have the default volume set to vibrate, it never ascends to ringing, but if I have the default volume set to ring, it goes straight to ringing without vibrating first. This matters because some of the voice-control features are disabled if the phone is in vibrate mode, but I prefer to have it vibrate regardless. If this feature of HandyPhone worked as I thought it would, I could have both. :)

    Thank you very much for all your work on this.

    1. 1. The Volume Locker does not monitor changes of the ringer mode. In the normal rinder mode the application monitors volume level changes. If the ringer mode is switched to silent or vibrate only HandyPhone stops to monitor such changes. It make sense because the Volume Locker prevents an accidental volume level change, not the ringer mode change. On the other hand you are right. Since pressing the volume keys can change the ringer mode as well the Volume Locker should guard it too. I'm going to add an option to lock the ringer mode as well.

      2. HandyPhone does not play ringer sound itself. It relies on the phone ringing settings and capabilities. If you set the phone to vibrate only it will never ring. So HandyPhone does not help. The Vibrate Then Ring function only works when the phone is set to produce an audible ringing.

      Though name "Vibrate Then Ring" does not exactly reflect what it does. In fact the vibration occures along with the ringer sound playing on the lowest level. This is because some devices (in particular Samsung phones) deny to play the ringer sound if HandyPhone switches sound off before a ringing start and switches it on later.

      So if you set your phone to the normal ringer mode (audible) then HandyPhone should vibrate (along with the soft ringer sound) and then should start to increase ringer volume. If it is not the case, please let me know.

      Thank you for feedback.
      You are welcome email me at handysware@gmail.com.

  4. It would be good if you added an email notification.

    1. Email notifications by means of reminder notifications of any application that shows icon in the status bar, will be introduced in version 2.0 of HandyPhone.

  5. Just started using the app. Works prettty good thus fae.

    Currently the only options for the "initial ringing level" is 1-10. It would be great if you could select 0 so that it only vibrates initially and then begins to ring.

    1. I second that.

    2. Oh, finally I realized how it might work.

      You switch on the vibration in the phone settings and set "Initial ringing level" to 0 in HandyPhone. You expect this result at incoming call: phone vibrates, then starts to increase volume of the ringer while vibrates.

      I'll consider this.

  6. Just reinstalled this app and started to test the ascending ring. Two things don't work on a HTC One 802w:

    1) "First vibrate then ascend ring volume": Rather than vibrating only, it instantly starts ringing on lowest level, that's not what the option promises to do (and not what I'd like to have). I have read the comment about the problem with Samsung phones above, but mine is not a Samsung...

    2) When starting the ascending ring, the vibration stops for no reason. It should of course continue vibrating, as it does with HandyPhone being disabled.

    1. Hello, Michael.

      About 2).
      I guess you mean such a situation. You switch on a vibration in the phone settings. You switch on "Vibrate then ring" in the HandyPhone settings. Isn't it?

      This combination of settings will work exactly as you describe above. HandyPhone can't detect if the vibrator is currently running: Android does not provide this information to the application. When HandyPhone cancels *it's own* vibration it causes cancellation of the whole vibrator service.

      Anyway I'll see how to handle this situation.

  7. Just a comment/suggestion.

    When setting Handy Phone to vibrate on reminders, as well as a sound notification, it would be great if it didn't vibrate whilst the phone is set to silent.
    It can be rather annoying if someone sends an SMS assuming it won't wake you up, to be woken up by the reminder. :)