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HandyPhone is an android application that makes your smartphone a more convenient and user friendly, not only to you but also to others.
You can download and install HandyPhone from the Google Play™.

February 5, 2013

HandyPhone version 1.7 has been released

This release features a number of fixes. Major fixes concern a Samsung devices. A HandyPhone's Ascending ring function did not work properly in Samsung phones due to their two-step ringer. The phone starts ringing at low level for a few seconds and then suddenly increases to a normal ringing level. In this version HandyPhone can handle such a behaviour of Samsung phones. Though it requires to enable a Forced mode option.

To help to discover causes of the problems in the HandyPhone this release introduces ability to send debug log by email right from your device. You can read about a debug log more detail in HandyPhone Features section.

In this release a french translation is added, thanks to Jean-Charles Cueff.